Target your Ideal Workforce– Latino Job Network

Introducing the Latino Job Network!

Do you have hard-to-fill position? Are candidates not stopping by to fill out an application like they used to? In these uncertain times, it is important to advertise wisely. General help-wanted ads in your local newspaper most likely don’t bring you the results you need. Rather than spending advertising dollars on people who won’t apply with you anyway, utilize that to target your specific group of interest: Latino Employees. By advertising your position through our Latino Job Network, you will gain access to the exact candidates you are looking for: experienced, reliable, and hard-working employees. Our targeted approach takes the information for your position, and what you are looking, to find individuals who are looking for an opportunity just like yours. Gone are the days of blanket marketing, it’s time to get specific. We utilize our social media, print, and personal networks to find the right candidates for you. Interested in learning more? Contact Becky to learn more about advertising through the Latino Job Network. Call today at 920-286-6106 or email at