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Questions? Call us today: (920) 286-6106

Questions? Call us today: (920) 286-6106

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WHY US? Employees are a critical part of nearly every business. They represent you, believe in you, and help make your business work. They are integral to your success, and having good employees helps make your job just a little bit easier. Why trust us with providing you workers? We know how important a good employee is, and we are passionate about providing the best workers that will suit your needs.

our services

Direct - Hire Placement
Workforce Relocation Program

Benefit of working with us:

Access to an under-utilized workforce

We use progressive methods to solve your workforce needs

Our bilingual staff will assist with any language or cultural barriers you feel you may face

Supportive services for employers including translations, training, and management consultation when dealing with cultural issues

Competitive rates for all services

Utilize our established networks throughout the Hispanic community

Fill out the following form and one of our recruiters will contact you shortly to set up a meeting and advance with the process

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"They have many employment options and I love that they can place them directly with the company"


“I was placed in a good company and now I have a stable job. Thank you!”


“I applied online and quickly received a call, I was able to start my work shortly after my interview. Very grateful for the opportunity!"


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